A private Christian high school providing students with a practical education and  experience for vocational-technical career opportunities

Vo-Tech High is an academic program designed to balance a student’s formal education with paid practical work experience directly related to gaining full-time employment.  Vo-Tech is a cooperative program partnering with local businesses willing to train employees and offer fulltime employment to those who complete the program.

  • The Model 

    • Identify and select up to 5 students that are at-risk and will not graduate high school on their current path 

    • Team the students with a “Life Coach” who will lead them through the Vo-Tech High program 

    • Partner with a local business that can benefit from additional labor and provide classroom space

    • Students and Coach will be together 5 days a week for 8.5 hours a day 

    • 4.5 hours education and life skills training in the classroom environment 

    • 4 hours working in the business 

    • Students graduate with a needed skill to enter the workforce  

  • Vo-Tech is seeking businesses, life coaches, teachers and students from the Douglasville area 

  • Abled bodied males ages 16 - up to 21years of age who have not completed high school are qualified to receive a full scholarship. 

  • Students are assigned a personal life coach and teacher. 

  • Vo-Tech follows the regular county school year calendar.

  • Transportation is available.

The DANNY Center is collaborating with The Atlanta Youth Project to bring this program to Douglas County.

Vo-Tech is a ministry of the Atlanta Youth Project which has a 30-year history of innovative youth programing.

Want to earn money? Learn a trade? Continue your education?

Vo-Tech may be the program for you! 


Vo-Tech is accredited. 

Contact us for more information and how to enroll. 

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