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Understand God’s word.

Crown’s two-year Bible Studies associate degree program was designed for students who wish to obtain a strong foundation in God’s Word before deciding on a major. The fully accredited degree program prepares and equips students for Christian leadership, which they can build on with a bachelor’s degree and career in any field.


Associates of Arts

Bible Studies Degree

Students obtain a thorough education in Bible and theology through a curriculum taught by professors who are pastors, as well as renowned biblical scholars. Graduates of the Associate of Arts, Bible Studies (A.A) from our Minnesota campus are biblically trained leaders ready to serve the church more effectively or continue their education in their selected field.



Why choose Bible studies at Crown?

Associates of Science

Christian Ministry


Designed for students with a high school diploma, GED, and little or no college experience, this Christian Ministry A.S degree program cultivates personal and professional spiritual formation. Students will build skills in Bible study and interpretation and theological thinking, and help others in their spiritual formation and discipleship.


Graduates of this online ministry degree program enter professional careers as associates in churches, youth and para-church ministries, and other faith-based education and nonprofit organizations. As a graduate of the A.S. program, you may be eligible to transfer all of your credits into our online Bachelor of Christian Ministry degree program.

Why choose Christian Ministry studies at Crown?

  • Dedicated to cultivating a personal love for God and demonstrating Christ-like character.

  • Able to teach the Word of God and make leadership decisions based on sound theology.

  • Committed to making disciples who will make other disciples.

  • Equipped to minister in a diverse and global environment.

Make a real difference in the world.

A quality, Christ-centered education can prepare you for a career that makes a real difference in the world. Consider the christian college degree opportunities that Crown College offers in Business, Bible, Christian Ministry, Communications, Music, Nursing, Science, Teaching and more!

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