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I. Program Purpose


Lead UP! is based upon classroom coaching/mentoring that meets with a small group of young people (10-20) for one hour and half. We believe student coaching/mentoring via an inspirational, instructional and interactive classroom setting adds substantial value in the development of young people whether they are in middle or high school.  When our young people see examples of who they can become, they are more likely to take life more seriously, pursue their dreams and map out a plan to make their dreams a reality. 


During the time spent in our coaching/mentoring program, we will work with young people to help them answer important life questions that will guide them in realizing their purpose, defining and prioritizing their life values, setting progressive goals that gives them direction and implementing a written vision plan that empowers them to live their best lives. This program is great for 12-20-year old’s.


II. Objectives


  1. Develop habits and attitudes that create positive results. 

  2. Connect their future dreams to their current and future education. 

  3. Work to create and implement a viable personal vision plan. 

  4. Develop soft skills necessary to make good decisions translating into healthy and productive lives. 

  5. Identify clear and concise core values to live by. 

  6. Overcome obstacles and barriers that prevent young people from achieving their best. 

  7. Identify specific goals, work towards them and stay the course.

  8. Gain clarity about their leadership principles, values, ethical boundaries, and how they will respond under pressure when challenged.


III. Rules for Success


This program has four important rules. If participants choose to follow these rules, their odds of learning the material and implementing it successfully will greatly improve their lives.


1. Show up - To succeed in this program each participant must make a conscious decision to attend every session in its entirety.

2. Do the work - To succeed in this program each participant must choose to do their very best in preparing for each session by doing the reading and answering the questions. Participants can usually complete each week assignments by spending 10 to 15 minutes a day for at least 5 days during that week.


3. Participate Actively – To succeed in this program each participant must choose to stay focused and involved in every session offering their best comments, questions and answers. This is an interactive class that involves active listening and participation from all participants.


4. Be Respectful - To succeed in this program each participant must respect the facilitator and other participants viewpoints and opinions.


IV. Program Material


 Lead Up! book, Personal Vision Book, Articles and worksheets


V. Program Topics


Week 1: Introduction:  What is Lead UP!

Week 2: It’s In You to Win - 7 strategies to help you tap into what’s inside of you and live to win.

Week 3: Excuses are not accepted – How to break free from excuses and live at maximum capacity.

Week 4: Thinking for a change – When you change the way you think, you change the direction of your life.

Week 5: Face the fear of failure – 6 steps to help you face the fear of failure and win.

Week 6: What does success mean to you – Why success is a marathon and not a sprint?

Week 7: It’s okay to dream – 6 crippling dream busters that will kill your dreams.

Week 8: In position for purpose – 7 positions you must possess to live out your purpose with power.

Week 9: Your values count – 5 ways to define and live out your core values.

Week 10: Vision impact – Why it is important to have a personal vision?

Week 11: Goals Matter – 12 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Goals faster than you thought possible.

Week 12: Work Your Plan – The final word

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Bernard Haynes

Life Coach/Mentor 
Creator and Author of Lead Up Boys Mentorship Program


Lou Martinez

Life Coach/Mentor )