A skills-building support circle that can be used with at-risk or court- involved girls. Examines thoughts, beliefs, and actions about friendships, trust, authority figures, mother/daughter relationships, sexuality, dating violence, HIV, drug abuse, stress and goal setting. Opens up girls to important exploration regarding their choices and behaviors and examines ways to promote self-care and healthy decision-making through lively, prepared discussions and activities. Creative activities include assertiveness role-plays, collage, progressive relaxation, writing, creating "Lifemaps" and more.

Week Theme Activity/Description

Week1. Friendships and Bonding Creating Group Guidelines Poster and Dyad Interviews


Week 2. Communication Skills and Dealing with Authority Figures Continuum of Behaviors Activity, Role-Plays, and Discussion


Week 3. Mother/Daughter Relationships Collage, Group Discussion, and Letter Writing


Week 4. Being the "Queen of Your Own Body" - Sexuality Writing Exercise, Discussion, and Role-Play

Week 5. Dating Violence/Abusive Relationships Discussion and Journal Writing


Week 6. HIV Prevention - Staying Safe, Staying HIV-Free HIV Transmission Game, Discussion and Tug-of-War Game or Tug-of-War Poster


Week 7. Teen Drug Use and Abuse Group Discussion and Life Maps


Week 8.Body Image Discussion, Magazine Collage, and Characteristics List


Week 9. Stress and Stress Management Discussion, "Symphony of Stress" Role-Play Improvisation, Breathing Relaxation and Coping Cards

Week 10. Goal Setting – Part One Discussion and Path/Bridge Activity

Week 11. Goal Setting - Part Two/ Action Plan for Support Climbing the Mountain Art Activity, Drawing a Circle of Support


Week 12. Wrap up and Closure/Appreciation Ceremony Sharing of Circle Experiences, Frame Making to include Group Picture or Poem, Decorating Bookmarks, Appreciation Ceremony

Appendix Bonus Optional Unit on: Shoplifting Discussion


Betsy Martinez

Life Coach/Mentor (Girls)